Animal Bookmarks

Our animal bookmarks for kids make reading and story time fun. The clever puppet... 

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Animal Bookmarks for Kids

Our animal bookmarks make the perfect gift, or stocking filler or are a popular choice for plastic-free party bag gifts for children's birthday parties. 

Will you choose a cat bookmark, dog bookmark, panda bookmark, cow bookmark or a crocodile bookmark? Or perhaps choose our gift set of 10 cute kids animal bookmarks

Our fun and clever bookmarks for kids are completely unique as they transform from two-dimensional bookmarks into playful 3D puppets by simply pushing and pulling the animals' tail. Such fun for a bedtime story or any time of day to help make reading with children extra fun.

Reading with your children has huge benefits from comfort and relaxation, confidence, happiness and fun. Giving a child your time and full attention when reading them a story is a bonding experience for both adult and child. 

Make reading with your child even more special with your very own 3D puppet bookmark. You'll receive 30% off when you order 5 or more. What's not to love?

Watch Bookbeasts Puppet Bookmarks in Action!